We at Arthur Pentecostal Church believe strongly in supporting missions. Please see below for a list of all the missionaries / missions organizations we support.

The Hummels – Nicaragua


The Hummel family first traveled to Nicaragua on a mission trip from Arthur Pentecostal Assembly in December 2008 to Jan 2009. Steve’s heart was touched greatly for the ones they met and traveled back to Nicaragua in February and again with Sharon in March. Since their first trip they have made many trips to Nicaragua, spending up to 6 months at a time. Their children travel with us experiencing a new culture, meeting new people, making friends, helping with building projects, feeding those who are hungry, sharing laughter and tears and having many interesting excursions.

Please check out their website for updates! You can also personally support the Hummels through their parent organization, Into All The World. Click here to be taken to their donation page.

Mike Martin – Turkey


Mike is church planting, developing leaders and helping with humanitarian relief in the Turkic world.

Mike has been serving in Central Asia and the Middle East since 2002. Currently he lives in a country in the Turkic world (Silk Road Nations) primarily as a church planter and leadership mentor. His country of service is one of the least reached countries per capita in the world with less than 0.0001% of the population claiming to be Christian. Mike moved there in 2008 and started several churches with his late wife Cathy. His vision is for multiplication of leadership and church planting throughout the Turkic world.


Bonita Abrams – Cuba


Bonita and Alberto work primarily in the area of theological education throughout Cuba. Their main goal is not to simply teach students, but to educate new professors so that they can effectively teach in their own seminaries.

Bonita first went to Cuba on a short-term missions trip in 2001 and while there, God clearly called her to return and minister in that island nation.  Several years later, God brought Alberto Izquierdo into her life and they have effectively ministered from one end of the island to the other from that point on.


Starfish Kids – Haiti

We take up a monthly Starfish Kids offering. This offering goes towards sponsoring 3 children through the Starfish Kids program. Read below for more information on our children!


Wilson Coeuranor
School: Philadelphie Normand
Birthdate: 9/20/2001
Family: Mother, Father, 2 brothers, 1 sister

Fania Titus
School: Philadelphie Normand
Birthdate: 7/20/2007
Family: Mother, Father, 4 brothers, 3 sisters

Samy Civil
School: Philadelphie Normand
Birthdate: 8/17/2003
Family: Mother, Father, 3 brothers


The Door – Arthur, Ontario


The Door Youth Centre is Highlands Youth for Christ’s name for its youth drop-in centres. The purpose of The Door is to provide alternatives of hope to youth and their families through caring relationships and developmental opportunities for the whole person (physical, social, mental and spiritual).

The Door Youth Centres offer a safe, supervised place for teens to hang out and visit, play pool, video games or other activities, or just talk. Along with drop-in, youth who attend The Door engage in many social events as well as weekly programs based on their needs and interests.