Our connect groups are the way we learn more about our faith in Christ outside of the walls of the church. Each connect group is youth run and takes place at schools, in homes, at Tims, or wherever else the youth want to get together!


The purpose of the connect:intro group is to provide a safe, friendly place to explore the basics about faith in God. It is a good group for people wanting to understand more about the basic foundations of being a Christian, or for people who are curious about Christianity and want to be able to discuss it with their friends. The connect:intro group lifecycle is 12 sessions long.


The purpose of the connect:growth group is to provide an accountable, open place to enter into a deeper relationship with Christ. Discipleship is the key topic we will be pursuing throughout the group series – what it means to become a disciple of Christ, how to become a disciple, and how to make more disciples. The connect:growth group lifecycle is 24 sessions long.