We are having a fundraiser for our youth groups. Some people in our church have graciously donated a lot of hand-made goods to be sold, with the profits going towards our youth group. Please see below! Click on any photo to view the full high-resolution photo.

PRICES: We are offering everything on a donation basis. But we please ask – give a fair price. The money is going towards helping our youth ministry grow and thrive!

Tote Bags – 4 pcs

The tote bags are heavy duty – they will last you a while! Two photos of each bag – front and back.

20170130_110234 20170130_110228

20170130_110210 20170130_110203

20170130_110146 20170130_110141

 20170130_110047 20170130_110020

  Bibs – 9 pcs

The bibs come in two sizes. Most of the bibs have two sets of snaps on them, so they can be adjusted.

20170130_110333  20170130_110429

Hot Pads – 12 pcs

These hot pads are fantastic – Pastor Jon has one at home, and he uses it all the time! They come in 3 different sizes – small square, large square, and round. The two sets of round photos are the same pieces – front and back.

20170130_110558 20170130_110755 20170130_110803

Book Covers – 2 pcs

The Book covers come with a matching-color ribbon bookmark attached. Please take a look at the covers to make sure they will fit your book!

20170130_111114 20170130_111126 20170130_111135

Table Covers – 2 pcs

We have two table covers for sale – a large square one, and a table runner.

20170130_111727 20170130_111742 20170130_111345 20170130_111320

Scarves – 4 pcs

We have four different, beautiful scarves. Take a look!
20170130_111539 20170130_111643 20170130_111625 20170130_111559

Dolls – 13 pcs

We have a great assortment of hand-knitted dolls in various colors.