the_rebellionThe government is building a super-secret facility designed to destroy the world.
You and your teammates are a highly-skilled rogue band determined to stop them.

The Rebellion is an escape room for teenagers from Grades 6-12.
Number of Players Required: 3-4.


You are lost in time! Run from Dinosaurs, avoid broccoli, talk to paintings, and build a T.I.M.E. Machine in this amazing, time-hopping extravaganza.

Time Quest is an escape room for kids aged 6-8.
We will have free coffee, tea and snacks for adults waiting around for their children to finish the room.
Children in this escape room will be accompanied by an adult host – for a special experience, pick ‘Lead the Time Quest Escape Room Myself’ under ‘I Would Like To…’ and our leaders will train you on the spot to run the room with your children.
Number of Players Required: 3-8 (not including adult host).

Please fill out the form below. Pick either ‘The Rebellion’ or ‘Time Quest’ for all 3 select boxes below, and then pick a date. Please register once for all people in your time slot – and please pick out your partners ahead of time! We cannot pair up random players at this time.

When you fill out your contact information, please put an accurate phone number, email, instagram, or other account name for us to be able to contact you – if we cannot reach you, we may not be able to book you in!

Our escape rooms will be running March 12, 13, and 15th.